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The group arrives at the mission, which has long been abandoned. Ronnie has followed them as well. Olivia walks by a broken urn with a skull on it and walks away because of a rotten smell. The group then sits to play a game, and Carter suggests "Truth or Dare". They have fun at first with dares like Ronnie having to give Tyson a lap dance, Lucas running around naked, and Penelope making out with Olivia, but it turns hostile when Olivia picks truth and Tyson asks her if Markie knows that she's always been in love with Lucas. When it gets to Carter, Markie asks him what his intentions are with Olivia. He straight-up admits that he needed to find someone who was an easy target and had plenty of friends that he could trick into going up there since he's okay with strangers dying if he gets to live. He starts to leave, and Olivia goes after him. Carter tells her that now they are in the game, and they have to follow the rules. Tell a lie, you die. Fail to do a dare, you die. Refuse to play, you die.

The lousy execution of the whole thing. The laughable conceit that they were updating the classic by Ben Hecht and Howard Hawks. The shitty, boring dialogue. The dull characters. The stupefying length and the poor editing. A film so horrific that originally they managed to score an X rating without getting either Michelle Pfeiffer or Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio naked: the ratings people gave it an X essentially to ensure that fewer people would waste their time with this crap.


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