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Ele Actual A1 Guia Didactica 12.pdf

Ele Actual A1 Guia Didactica 12.pdf

Ele Actual A1 Guia Didactica 12.pdf is a PDF file that contains the teacher's guide for the 12th unit of the Spanish language course Ele Actual A1. Ele Actual A1 is a communicative course for students and teenagers, developed within the level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and adapted to the Cervantes Institute Curriculum. The course follows a communicative approach that offers a practical and functional use of the language, based on a careful sequence of activities. The teacher's guide provides suggestions, tips, and additional resources for each lesson, as well as answer keys, transcripts, and evaluation tests.

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The 12th unit of Ele Actual A1 is titled "Qué te gusta hacer?" (What do you like to do?) and covers the following topics and objectives:

  • Expressing likes and preferences with verbs like gustar, encantar, interesar, etc.

  • Talking about hobbies and leisure activities.

  • Using the present tense of regular and irregular verbs.

  • Using adverbs of frequency and time expressions.

  • Asking and giving information about schedules and timetables.

  • Using the verb quedar to make plans and arrangements.

The unit consists of four lessons, each with a different theme and context:

  • "Me gusta el cine" (I like cinema): The students learn how to talk about their favorite movies and genres, as well as how to buy tickets and ask for information at the cinema.

  • "Me gusta leer" (I like reading): The students learn how to talk about their reading habits and preferences, as well as how to borrow books from a library or a bookstore.

  • "Me gusta la música" (I like music): The students learn how to talk about their musical tastes and interests, as well as how to listen to music online or on the radio.

  • "Me gusta salir" (I like going out): The students learn how to talk about their plans and activities for the weekend, as well as how to invite someone or accept or decline an invitation.

The unit also includes a review section, a cultural section, a self-evaluation test, and a project. The review section revises the main grammar and vocabulary points of the unit. The cultural section provides information and activities related to Spanish-speaking countries and cultures. The self-evaluation test allows the students to check their progress and identify their strengths and weaknesses. The project consists of creating a poster or a brochure about their favorite hobby or activity.

Ele Actual A1 Guia Didactica 12.pdf is a useful resource for teachers who want to implement the Ele Actual A1 course in their classes. It provides guidance and support for each lesson, as well as additional materials and tools for evaluation. It can be downloaded for free from various websites .


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