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Silent Install Builder: The Ultimate Tool for Software Installation Automation

Hi, I tried to install a product from the silent install builder. But when I start the installer, it returns the error message that the selected component is missing or not existent. I have already installed the component, that can be seen in the user guide. I have the same kind of error during the installation of other products.

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I opened a support ticket ( Note that the issue is not only restricted to the Silent install builder, but all Fusion components using the silent install builder. That includes the installer, the web access installer, the command line component (which ships with the installer) and the silent installation wizard.

I'm sorry for my long reply, but I have been working on this problem for a couple of days and I'm not able to identify the problem. I'm asking here because I am not sure what to try, or whether I should try anything. I have the same issue with all products from the silent install builder. It does not work if the selected component is not available for the installation.

Hi, The silent install builder was working properly yesterday evening and it does not work anymore. When I try to install a product it returns the following error message: Exception: A pipeline component is missing. (for the installation) 1. why is a component missing? 2. is the product we have installed fully functional? 3. can we install the missing component? 4.

The installation logics are specific to the type of application that is being built. For example, if you are installing a web application, you need to specify an action that will update the file that defines the web server's port for HTTP, which is usually located at $DOMAIN_PATH/tomcat/ROOT/log/server.log. The same logic would be used to update the configuration to allow unauthenticated users to access the application, if it is being installed as part of a customer's domain.


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