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At a young age, Stark quickly stole the spotlight with his brilliant and unique mind. When he was four years old, he designed his first circuit board. When he was almost seven, he built a V8 motorbike engine.[1] One thing about Stark's childhood that annoyed him was the nanny who cared for him until he was fourteen.[2] Stark attended Phillips Academy in Andover from 1977 to 1984.[5] While he was in high school, Stark hacked into the Pentagon on a dare by some friends.[3] He was admitted early into Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he met James Rhodes and they became lifelong best friends.[1] At sixteen, Stark won the 4th Annual MIT Robot Design Award,[10] which was his fourth consecutive time winning, after inventing robots which he name Dum-E and U. When he was seventeen, Stark graduated at the top of his class from MIT[11] and was awarded summa cum laude.[1] After college, Stark returned to his home where he had a fling with a woman named Candice.[9]

hills of steel hack mod version 4.2 0 apk home

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