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Reduce The Ram Usage With *MzRam* Really Helpful

RAMRush is a simple and free RAM cleaner software for Windows. It can not only be used to boost RAM, but also displays RAM usage graph. Along with RAM usage, you can also view CPU usage in real time. The Start Optimize option boosts RAM by killing unwanted process and freeing up RAM. You can also set a Hotkey for quick RAM boost.

Reduce the ram usage with *MzRam* Really Helpful

Memory Cleaner is an amazing RAM cleaner software for Windows. It not only lets you boost RAM manually, but you can also set certain parameters to execute RAM cleaning automatically. It is very simple to use. You get two options to clean RAM: Trim Process and Clear System Cache. These options reduce RAM usage to boost PC performance. Memory usage statistics in percentage is displayed along with Average RAM usage, Maximum RAM usage, and Maximum RAM usage.

PC Brother Memory Optimization Free is a one touch PC optimization tool, which lets you boost RAM of your PC. It not only boosts your RAM, but also reduces CPU usage and Page file usage. All you have to do is, click on Free Now option, and this freeware will automatically free up RAM space. On its interface, it displays RAM usage, CPU usage, and Page File Usage in numerical as well as graphical forms. So, whenever you boost RAM, the changes show up on interface.

Glary Utilities also comes with an Auto optimization feature, which lets you set a minimum limit of CPU usage (in percentage), and a maximum limit of free memory for Automatic Optimization. You can also select how much memory should be free up after performing auto-optimization.

Memory Improve Master shows real-time statistics of RAM consumption and CPU usage along with graphical representation. You can use it to boost RAM. Every time it cleans RAM or performs any other action, you will get a notification on your screen. For your convenience, graph of every variable is plotted by a different color, so that you can differentiate among them easily.

Rizone Memory Booster is a free RAM booster for PC that lets you clean RAM and minimize CPU load to increase PC performance. It has a one touch option to optimize PC for faster performance. When optimized, it reduces RAM usage and CPU usage by killing unwanted processes and services.

FreeRAM XP Pro is another free RAM cleaner for PC which drastically reduces RAM usage to free up a significant amount of memory. This speeds up your PC performance considerably, and can be easily noticed. You can select from AutoFree mode (automatic cleanup) or Try to free mode (manually set memory to free). Click on the Go! option to free up RAM memory. The interface displays free RAM memory and load in two separate bars.

There are two RAM cleaner modes available here: Quick memory Recovery and Memory. In Quick Memory Recovery, you will find a one-touch RAM cleaner option. It reduces RAM usage to a good extent. The Memory tab lets you clear RAM manually as well as automatically. You can set RAM cleaner parameters according to you choice for a faster PC.

This is the top 5 best software for optimizing computer RAM in countless other software with the same function. Overall, they are really good and surprisingly effective. Hope you will choose the right software that is most compatible with your computer system.

CPUBalance is intended to run in conjunction with existing software manufactured by Bitsum known as Process Lasso. However some customers can choose to execute it independently. Once activated there are several metrics which are presented to the user. Some examples here are the total system-wide CPU usage the per-process usage when adjustments should be made and the maximum amount of time allotted for an adjustment. It also pinpoints programs which are taking up the greatest amount of CPU memory.

For example, at DDR4-3200 with Gear 1, the memory and memory controller are both running at 1,600MHz (remember that DDR refers to double data rate). When Gear 2 is selected, the memory speed would be 1600MHz while the memory controller is reduced to 800MHz. 041b061a72


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