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Voyeur - Paradise [VERIFIED]

Part of life's learning comes from observing others, sometimes they don't know you're watching ... that's voyeurism! Here's my story of watching and being watched. It's another long one and I hope you enjoy it. I write these stories for my pleasure and hope you can enjoy them with the odd spelling or grammatical error. I would appreciate critique and comments on story and characters etc. Thanks

Voyeur - Paradise

Casey led the way to the waterfall and we started walking on a narrow bush track along the coastline. I tagged along behind the other two and even though Poppy was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and knee length shorts I couldn't help staring at her butt too. I was wondering what kind of panties they'd be wearing ... I know what you're thinking , small one-track adolescent mind! Sex did tend to pre-occupy my thoughts in those days. I'd only had real sex once in my life and it was a complete disaster ... we were both virgins and neither of us really knew what we were doing. It was just something that we thought we should do as we'd been going out for awhile. We broke up soon after. Since then I'd only had one steady girlfriend and had only gotten as far as second base with her before her family moved out of the area. So my current sex life was masturbation, with a bit of voyeurism thrown in.

Dad had moved into a penthouse apartment about fifteen minutes away from home and Katie and I could spend as much time staying there as we wanted. I normally stayed weekends as Dad would come to my rugby games and I would go with him to some great sports events. Madeline (Maddie) moved in with Dad when she wasn't at international events. Maddie was twenty-seven, nine years younger than Dad, and she had a fantastic athletic body, with long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Her career as a pole vaulter was winding down and she was keen to settle down, wanting to study sports psychology. Katie and I got on really well with Maddie and she was great fun to be around ... plus I must admit I loved seeing her sexy body in just about everything she wore. OK, back to the voyeur stuff ... Dads apartment had two separate sleeping areas, the master suite was at one end and on the other side of the living area were two more ensuite bedrooms that Katie and I used. The apartment was kind of shaped like a U. My bathroom window faced out towards the master bedroom and bathroom. Because the views from the master suite were spectacular both the bedroom and bathroom had floor to ceiling windows. A previous tenant must have realized that you could see across from my bathroom window so they had put a plastic film put over the glass, and now light could come in but you couldn't see out. However I quickly found out that by cutting a thin piece off the bottom of the plastic I could see clearly into the other windows.

My first night as a voyeur was spectacular. Dad was away for the weekend but Maddie was home. We went to bed at the same time and I rushed into my bathroom and took up my peeking position, careful to leave the light off in the room so Maddie couldn't see any shadow on the glass. When her bedroom light came on it was like daylight, I could see everything. She didn't pull the blind down as there was no need, no-one from other apartments or from the ground could see inside. I stripped off my clothes and was already fully erect as I waited for Maddie to undress. To my disappointment she started doing stretching and weights exercises on the floor, still dressed in her shorts and tank top. It was still pretty hot watching her supple body as she went through her routine. After about twenty minutes she started to ease down and I could see the sweat glistening off her long-tanned limbs. Then suddenly without any warning she stripped off her tank top and sports bra, revealing her breasts. They were perfect, not too small and not too big, they suited her slim athletic figure. She turned and headed for the bathroom, flicking on the light as she entered. Looking at herself in the large mirror she bent forward and slipped her shorts down her legs ... she wasn't wearing any panties. Her pubic area was shaved except for a small strip of light brown hair. I was mesmerized by her sheer beauty as she turned and stepped into the open shower area. My cock was throbbing and I hadn't even touched it, I could see precum had started leaking out of the tip. Looking back through the window I decided to prolong my orgasm as long as possible and enjoy the view ... that didn't happen. Maddie turned on the water and while the rain shower head rinsed the sweat off her body she started to masturbate! One hand rubbed her breasts and pinched her nipples while the other went straight to her clit. Within a couple of minutes I had exploded and cum shot out of my cock all over the tiled wall. Once I had recovered, my attention returned to Maddie. She was taking things a bit slower than me, but her hand motions were getting faster, and I could see by her facial expressions that she was being pretty vocal. My cock was still as hard as rock so I started jacking off again. Finally, Maddie started to buck her hips forward and then her whole body contorted in what was my first live female orgasm ... to celebrate I came a second time with almost as much cum spurting out onto the tiles as before. That was my first but by no means my last night masturbating while looking out that window. I've watched my Dad and Maddie have sex in about every position possible and have even seen them play out a few fantasies with her tied to the bed, even a little whipping, and on one occasion a friend of Maddie's from France joined them in a threesome ... I think I came four times that night.

And despite never having met the lad, you can read all about the shocking headache he had the next day. In real life, this would be called stickybeaking. Online, it's expected. Sean Murphy, 21, uses both Facebook and MySpace. "I'm very voyeuristic," he says. "I like to look at what people are saying on other people's [pages]."

And despite never having met the lad, you can read all about the shocking headache he had the next day. In real life, this would be called stickybeaking. Online, it's expected. Sean Murphy, 21, uses both Facebook and MySpace. \\\"I'm very voyeuristic,\\\" he says. \\\"I like to look at what people are saying on other people's [pages].\\\"

One of the first Indian shows to understand that we are a generation of voyeurs and monetise it is the Bigg Boss franchise. Year after year, the reality show stocks its house with a bunch of wannabes and has-beens, and then for three months provides them an ideal platform to grab as much attention as they can. In this C-grade carnival, contestants cook, fight, dance, love, misbehave, in short, they do everything to survive the contest while outside millions of viewers show up every night in fron

A young Israeli couple, both clothed, are sitting in voyeurs' row, justoutside the orgy room. "It's a very immoral place," says the woman,giggling. Trouble is, the voyeurs' view through the narrow entrance isblocked by the "matman," a craggy fellow who stands with arms foldedlike Mr. Clean. Is his job to police the orgy? Matman looksincredulous. "We never have any trouble here. These are good people. Iam more of a shepherd looking after my flock." The shepherd's main roleis to see that customers join and leave .the orgy in pairs. Onceinside, partners do not have to stay together, but if a man leaves to goto the bathroom, he has two minutes to return, or his girlfriendwill be ejected. A pudgy woman is protesting her expulsion fromparadise. Matman latches on to her arm and gently guides her out. Evenorgies have rules.

And now it narrows towards a voyeur's paradise. Gooch taking the sun in a hotter place. Maybe Ryan McMenamin, gabby and rope-thin, in his ear and on his boot-laces. Or maybe Francie Bellew and the way he might look at you. 041b061a72


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